It has been a busy summer so far, both personally and professionally.  I’m celebrating the purchase of my first home, which came with it all kinds of tasks, and we also had to deal with a family health emergency this month — I’m very grateful for the flexibility that comes with this career, especially at times like those!

So I haven’t been doing a lot of work lately, on the client side OR on the prospecting side.  Which leads me to this perfect reminder post on the importance of keeping your pipeline full!  Summer may be a “slow time” for closing sales, but summer is the perfect time to fill your sales pipeline!

First of all, many sales reps wind down and take it easy through the summer.  They take their vacations, they golf and they just plain relax a little. That means your competition may not be working the phones  right now. It also means that non-competitors may have their phones on the cradle, so your prospect may not be as inundated with sales calls.  So for introductory “cold calls” as well as “top of mind” calls, summer provides you with a more captive and less saturated audience.

Having trouble negotiating your way through a gatekeeper or automated phone system?  Summer is a great time to call and speak to a temp or even better, your prospect!  With so many people on vacation, the odds on you being able to map an organization or just plain luck into an audience are much higher.

And finally, even if you’re not closing deals through the summer, you are adding valuable volume into the top of your funnel!  If it takes on average six touches to get to a conversation, you can start building that relationship now, while you’re not pressuring yourself to close deals.  The start of the process is just as important as the end of it.  Without those first conversations, you’re not going to get that closed deal, so why not look hard at your summer dial volume?  Push your numbers up higher instead of relaxing them.  If you’re in a volume industry, think about adding 20 more calls a day to your work day this summer, and watch how it pays off next quarter!

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