Ask our most recent clients that question! This company is poised to be a major player in their industry. They offer a service and solution model that is cheaper, more robust and more effective than their competitors, who currently own the marketplace almost by default. What they don’t have is the manpower to fuel an outbound campaign internally. What they need is a pipeline filled with qualified prospects.

80 hours (1 week of set up and 3 weeks of part time dialing) into their campaign and they are already in negotiations with two new prospects. The annual value of these two contracts combined is about CDN $100,000.00 The lifetime value is impossible to predict, but the revenue generated annually is recurring. Assuming they hold on to the clients for ten years, they just spent $4000.00 to generate $1,000,000.00. All the sales reps had to do was host an online demonstration, do a needs analysis and negotiate terms. We did everything else.

These were COLD calls. No emails, no mailers, no contact names. For a company that no one has heard of yet, but everyone will know in five years. Is your direct marketing initiative producing that kind of measurable ROI?

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