I challenge you to give fifty of your dials to charity every week. Can’t do 50? How many CAN you give? Pick a cause that is near and dear to you. For me, my charity of choice is Manitoba House, a children’s drop in centre in the north end of Winnipeg. They provide a safe environment, hot meals, life skills leadership and recreation programming to at-risk children. They also provide warm winter clothes, support for neighborhood families, and snacks to any child that drops by after the program is full. The house can only handle 8 children per session, and currently, MbH only has the funds to run two sessions per week. MbH is located in an area affected greatly by poverty, addiction and gang activity. I support MbH financially as I’m able, but my resources are limited. My new years resolution is to donate something even more important – my time! We all know what kind of money fifty dials can make for a client. Imagine if you could provide that sort of income to an organization that desperately needs support! I’m starting my resolution early, and I challenge all of you to try it, too! Managers supporting lead generators, offer your team the opportunity to dial for dollars that will make a difference to people in need this year!

Are you going to try it? Post here about your success, or email me! Spread the word on Twitter, Linkedin or any other social networking sites you belong to. Together, we can make a huge difference!

Have a joyous holiday season, and Happy Selling!