Want to know the big secret to effective lead generation?  I’ll tell you exactly what I tell everyone who asks me.  There is no big secret. I don’t do anything magical. I can’t pull opportunities that didn’t exist before out of thin air.  I can’t create demand for a product or service that doesn’t add value, is priced out of the market or has simply run the course.

So what can I create?  Consistency and process.  I can properly build and maintain your pipeline, and teach you how to do the same.  I can fill the funnel.  I can help you deliver the right message to the right person all day, every day.  I can be as enthusiastic on call 100 as you were on call four.  I can support you in getting the deliverables out when you said you would.  I can follow up thoroughly, as promised, on time.  And then I can track it, measure it, and hone it.  And repeat.  Ad infinitum.

Our callers work hard to keep their contracts.  We aren’t a high pressure environment, as we’re not tied to quotas.  We’re committed to professional prospecting and “showing our work”.  Our process is fully transparent to our clients at all times, and that’s really important because lead generation isn’t solely about the appointments secured at the time of the campaign.  What you are paying for is the campaign process.  Not campaign performance.  Some campaigns will hit hard, hit big, and hit often.  We love those campaigns, they make us look like superstars while we just do what we do.  If we’re doing our job, yours should be significantly easier, and you should close more sales.  That’s your performance linked to our process, not the other way around!

Here is why the process is important.  Properly done, lead generation puts your company in front of hundreds of decision makers.  It gets your contact information to them, and their contact information to you.  It cleans the garbage out of your database, and replaces it with accurate, up to date, prospect provided data.  It gives you a snapshot of your entire sales cycle.  It gives you a full pipeline.  It gives you valuable industry insight.  And it ideally gives you sales.  And if you’re not getting sales, this data should be able to tell you why not.  What verticals failed?  What point of entry is too difficult to hit?  What pieces of the puzzle are missing?  Is the price wrong?  Is the message?  If we just handed you an appointment (and some companies still want that), and that appointment didn’t lead to a sale, what would you change?  How would you fix your approach?  What would you do next?

I want people to start understanding the value of beautifully executed lead generation. It isn’t magic.  If you can’t sell it, we can’t sell it.  We help you with developing a process that you should be able to take in-house at any time without any assistance from us at hand off.  If you’re only buying meetings, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to take both your sales process and your sales performance up a notch.