Thanks to our clients and their continued support and referrals, is growing! We are currently looking for home-based outbound lead generation specialists. All positions are contracts ranging from four to twelve weeks. Most contracts are part-time (10 or 20 hours per week).

I’ve posted advertisements in several markets, and had a lot of replies. Sadly, I have not received a lot of replies that I would respond to. This is not a post about cold calling tips, but rather a post aimed at those who are potentially looking to work with us – or in this industry – or anywhere, really.

First, I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received that I don’t even open because of the senders email address. If your email address is anything other than your first and last name, it’s time to get a new email account. They’re free, you can have as many as you want. Save “” for your college buddies or internet dating profile – don’t apply for jobs with it!!!

This is my business, this is how I pay my mortgage and feed my kids. I can’t hire someone who still uses “” as their primary account. What message is your email address sending?

(I made up those email addresses, apologies if they belong to you!)

This goes for couples who share email addresses as well. Get your own email address for job hunting. Don’t email your resume from your husbands Hotmail account, it makes you appear as if you don’t actually know your way around the internet – maybe not a big deal for some roles, but for a home based role that requires you to use the internet all day every day, it is a factor.

After twenty years of alternating between contracts and actual employment, I can say with certainty that my resume is not one that appeals to recruiters. I change jobs or contracts at least once a year, and I always have. That’s one of the reasons I started this business – I only really like the hunt. That makes it imperative for me to back up my CV with numbers and references. How much business did I generate? How many new clients did that result in? How much actual revenue did I add to the pipeline? Without anything to show that I was effective every year, my CV looks like I just can’t hold a job for very long, whereas in actual reality, there is a finite number of leads for me to work before my services are no longer required. You may not have the same CV issue as I do – but take a look – do you look like an efficient go-getter always looking for the next big challenge? Or do you look like a job-hopper? My recruiter friends always said this was the kiss of death, and now that I review resumes for my company, I understand. Make an argument in your CV for why you are going to be a great asset to a company – even if it’s only for a year!

What else? Cover letters! I don’t have time to read a 2 page cover letter. And I don’t have any interest in reading one that I know is a template. (Sometimes I know that because you forgot to change the company name in the cover letter, or highlighted skills I didn’t ask about, or referenced a job site I’m not advertising on…)One or two paragraphs that indicate you know who we are and what we do and how you can help is sufficient. Please, spell check it. I ask for a cover letter because I want to see what your correspondence looks like. You’ll be sending emails from our clients – I need to know you can compose a thoughtful and attention-getting letter.

Final thought. I will hire enthusiasm over experience on many campaigns. If you have experience dealing with the public via telephone and good references, and you’re looking for a home-based role that is flexible and well compensated (starting wage here is $20.00/hour) and you aren’t afraid to pick up the phone, please send us your CV and cover letter. This is a great job for someone who has left the work force to raise a family, a great option for anyone recently retired who isn’t ready to golf all day just yet, a fantastic opportunity for expats abroad or those who just moved with a spouse to another country, or a great way to supplement your own self employment income.

Happy Selling, and Happy New Year!