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ColdCalls creates and executes outbound B2B lead generation campaigns. We focus cold calling programs on points of entry where the product or service will be of most interest, most practical use, have the biggest effect on the bottom line and generate the most champions.

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In a switched-on world dominated by real-time access, prospective clients can seem impossible to contact. ColdCalls provides B2B demand generation and sales appointment setting services which build better, deeper pipelines that drive incremental top line revenue. We are experts in implementing, managing and accelerating pipeline build. Our team focuses on opening doors and nurturing leads from suspect to opportunity. ColdCalls creates databases filled with prospect-provided, accurate, useful information. We support and accelerate our clients’ in-house sales process, regardless of selling methodology or CRM tool.

ColdCalls creates and executes outbound B2B lead generation campaigns that result in SCHEDULED AND ATTENDED SALES APPOINTMENTS. Marketing ready leads are great, but our programs takeit one step further, ensuring your sales team need only check their calendars and attend their meetings.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur in your basement or the leader of an enterprise sales team, we can help you build your business. Call us at 1-844-466-2624 or email


Experienced, professional, creative callers.
Canadian owned, operated and staffed!
Fair, transparent and fixed-rate pricing.
Consistent and measurable results.
Scalability, with no long term commitments.
Real-time campaign access.

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Easy Engagements, Fair Contracts

Our campaigns are all fully retained and you may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. You’ll pay for one month of set up, and then you’ll go month-to-month for as long as we both wish! You’ll retain all of the documents created for your program. All of the lists and the data associated with your calls belong to you. Want to take your now proven and successful project in-house? No problem! There is nothing we like better than working ourselves out of a job – our notes are so accurate and our system is so transparent that you won’t experience much change pain. We’ll even help you choose and set up your new CRM system and then we’ll train your new in-house team! (That end part costs extra!)

365 Technologies engaged Carrie’s lead generation team for the purpose of booking meetings with qualified Managed Services prospects. Not only were they successful in doing so, but their ability to work within our ConnectWise system, and their understanding of our business made for a successful campaign

When we needed sales leads for an IT company I was consulting with, I called Carrie’s company. They didn’t disappoint. Not only did they bring in the leads as promised, they also advised on where to draw the line, saving my client from wasting their budget — earning my trust and earned them repeat business.

We hired Carrie because our product wasn’t selling. Within a month, she had a sales system in place and made key recommendations that helped us reposition our product for success. She’s a straight shooter, intelligent and knows how consumers make purchase decisions. And she won’t burn your money if she feels she can’t sell your product.