Look, I’m kidding.  Drip marketing has a huge place in your outbound sales and marketing strategy.  I just feel like saying that every time I get “cold calling is dead” or “never cold call again!” spam from one of these direct marketing companies.  But seriously – if you’re sending a unsolicited “never cold call again!” email to the President of a company that specializes in cold calling, how is that targeted marketing?

Pet peeve number two from drip campaigns – if I engage with you, that’s an invitation to respond!  Positively, negatively, whatever – it deserves a reply.  Otherwise, you’re not building a relationship, you’re spamming.  If you’re only replying to the emails where people are asking for an immediate purchase, that’s not drip marketing, that’s not social marketing – that’s just dumb luck.  It will pay off short term, but won’t help you create what drip marketing is intended to create – relationships and customers where there may not be an immediate opportunity.

At Cold Calls, we believe cold calling is one piece of your sales and marketing strategy – not the only piece.  We’re a cold calling company, and we use other methods, too.  If  you think a direct mail campaign alone will build your business, I think you’re in for a rude awakening.  Don’t believe the hype.  Pair your drip marketing campaigns with outbound calling, social media support and anything else that will get your name out there over and over again.

Talk to me about how you can make your marketing dollars go further and work faster.  Spoiler alert:  cold calling.