When we launch a new campaign for MSPs, we leave a LOT of voicemails and direct people to websites to review.  Here are some of the things we have had to point out to our clients lately.  I hope you’ll find them useful!

1. Put your phone number on your website.  Everywhere on your website.  Make sure no one ever has to go looking for it.

People may use the internet to research, but at some point, they are going to want to talk to you.  If they can’t find your number, the next MSP is just one second and a Google search away, and their phone number is on their website. I don’t want to fill out a form.  I want to talk to a real person.  I have a problem now. I will keep going down the list until someone answers.  If you’re spending money on SEO and not posting your phone number, then you’re wasting money on SEO.

2.  Answer your phone!

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many MSPs send potential new clients into a generic voicemail box that is NEVER answered by a live person.  See comment one.  People want to talk to people.  An inbound call is a gift!  A slam dunk!  They are looking for a solution right now, and you want to make them wait?  Bad idea.  Make sure someone is answering your phone.   A virtual assistant is not a huge investment, and that friendly voice will make a difference to your bottom line.

3.  Give your sales department some personality!

Robot voice: “Press 2 for …SALES…”

Robot voice: “You’ve reached … SALES … click.  BEEEEEP

What do you think when you hear that?  Here’s what I think:  “These guys don’t have time to record a message, let alone service my account.”

Compare that to something like:  “Please press 2 to speak with George, our account specialist.”

George:  “I’m so sorry that I’ve missed your call.  I commit to returning all my calls within 2 business hours, and I’d really like the opportunity to learn more about why you’ve called me today!  If you require immediate attention you can reach my on my mobile phone during business hours at ###-###-####.  Thanks for calling ABC IT – Worry Free IT for YOUR business!”

Who are you more inclined to leave a message for?  George sounds like a good guy – he’s going to solve my problem – and pretty soon, so maybe I’ll wait a couple hours.

Make an “SLA” for your sales team, and work hard to keep it.

4.  Be honest. Does your website make people go “oooooh!”?

No?  Fix that.  You’re in a super competitive, unstable selling environment.  Perception is reality. If your website looks like you threw it up by yourself ten years ago, and your competitors website looks sleek and sexy, and your service offerings appear identical online, who is going to get that phone call?    If you need a new website fast that is MSP specific try Vertical Axion .  If you want to do it yourself, there are lots of inexpensive options out there.  You can buy a great technology-focused template for under 200.00 and customize it with your particulars.

These are simple suggestions that will make a big difference.  You can call us at 204-995-4589 to discuss lead generation anytime!

Happy Selling!