Fear-mongering aside, the mad flurry to get your clients and prospects to opt-in before the July 01 deadline may have been very eye-opening.

Think of how many of these emails YOU opened or opted in to.  Was it a handful?  A dozen?  Out of how many that were sent?  Exactly.

What that tells me is the following:

Whatever emails that company was sending you, you weren’t reading them and you’re not going to miss getting them.

So, now what?

Well, now you know exactly how many clients and prospects found your content compelling and interesting.

Email is a cheap and fast way to communicate, build interest, build value and create demand – but only if people are actually reading your emails, which you’ve just learned, they weren’t.

Here’s an idea.  Call them!  Ask them why they didn’t opt in.  Ask them what content you could provide them with that would make them want to opt-in.  Then ask them permission to email them when you are sending the types of things they want to receive.

There are some amazing and inexpensive tools on the market that will allow you to be very targeted with your email campaigns.  So if Carrie is only interested in receiving funny cat pictures and articles on cold calling, you can set up your database to only send me content that I will personally find relevant.  And the odds on me opening your emails and reading them, and staying engaged and subscribed are significantly higher.  Compare that to sending a Dear <FIRST NAME> email to a random that came by your tradeshow booth once for the free pen.  More impact?  You bet.  (Thanks for the pen, though.  I love that pen!)

The goal of the campaign is not to get opt-in, but rather to learn how to engage better with your customers and prospects.  If your only goal is a recorded “Yes, opt me in”, you’re missing the opportunity to create a meaningful touch and learn about the market you are trying to win.  Here are some sample questions you can use to create an effective email opt-in call down campaign:

  • Tell me what kind of content would make you go looking for our newsletter every month? (specifically, what do THEY want from YOU – how do you build a deeper relationship?)
  • So, how many things DID you opt in to?  What made you choose those?  (who are you competing for bandwidth with, and what is working for them?)
  • What could we send you that you would definitely find interesting?  (Target and categorize for better open rates)
  • What kinds of things do you normally forward to colleagues or peers?  (How would you get referrals from this contact?)
  • How do you like to be contacted?  (Is email even the right vehicle to engage with this prospect?)
  • Which of our emails this year did you find the most helpful?  (Do they read ANY of them?)

At the end of the call, ask them if you can have the opportunity to try again, and get your opt-in permission.  And hey, while you have them on the phone, why not try to schedule a face to face meeting.  Or schedule a demo.  Or sign them up for a webinar.  Or sell them something. Or ask for a referral.  Or thank them for their business.  Or invite them to lunch.

The Anti-Spam Legislation gives you a whole new reason to revisit your entire database by phone.  Clean it up, gain some top-of-mind, and engage.  We can help!

Give us a call at 204-995-4589 to learn more about our opt-in call down campaigns.

Happy Selling!

(This post first published on the ManagedSalesPros.com blog on July 02, 2014)