Nobody Opted In. Now What?

Fear-mongering aside, the mad flurry to get your clients and prospects to opt-in before the July 01 deadline may have been very eye-opening. Think of how many of these emails […]

Hey Founders – Get Selling!

From here on in, end every conversation you have with “Can you think of anyone who would benefit from our services?”

You Can’t Sell to an Ostrich!

If your prospects are dying on the vine consider whether you’re the one pushing them there. Have you asked them what is really important to them? Did you listen? Did you tailor your presentation to those items, and those items only? That will win you business.

MSPs – Get Set Up for *inbound* Success

An inbound call is a gift! A slam dunk! They are looking for a solution right now, and you want to make them wait? Bad idea. Make sure someone is answering your phone.

A Business in Crisis – Opportunity or Red Flag?

A better approach for selling managed services contracts is to find companies that aren’t in crisis,and show them, slowly and methodically, how they can achieve their business goals better and faster when they NEVER have to worry about their technology failing them.

Selling Managed Services – Easy as Tic-Tac-Toe?

You don’t need complex game theory to figure out what most five-year-old children already know: you need to go first if you’re going to win.

If you build it, will it work?

You don’t have time to make your own sales calls. Do you have time to find, educate, train, and manage someone who has also applied to the ads directly above and below yours to fold T-shirts or flip burgers?

The Best Prospects for Managed Services?

There are four types of prospects you are going to encounter when pitching managed IT services. 1. The company that is still working with “my brothers friend who understands computers […]

Managed Services Cold Calling – One Simple Question that will get you in front of prospects!

The secret to cold calling (other than MAKING CALLS!!!) is speaking as little as possible while asking questions that encourage your prospect to talk as much as possible.

Drip Marketing is Dead!

At Cold Calls, we believe cold calling is one piece of your sales and marketing strategy – not the only piece. We’re a cold calling company, and we use other methods, too. If you think a direct mail campaign alone will build your business, I think you’re in for a rude awakening. Don’t believe the hype. Pair your drip marketing campaigns with outbound calling, social media support and anything else that will get your name out there over and over again.

Sell More Efficiently. Sell More