How your CRM “Work-arounds” are ruining your sales succession planning

If your sales reps are creating work arounds to get things done faster (not better, just faster) so that they can get back on the phones, your long term numbers are going to take a hit. Why? When that rep leaves, their work around tips leave with them. Partners with Winnipeg Technology Incubater The Eureka Project

The Eureka Project, a company that supports technology businesses in accelerating their growth, is collaborating with, in a partnership aiming to offer the clients of both companies expanded lead generation services. founder Carrie Simpson featured on BusinessCast!

I was truly flattered to be asked to appear as a guest on BusinessCast! The episode discusses – of course – cold calling! The charming hosts elevated me to Guru […]

Cold Calls is Growing!

I’d like to take a moment to say “Thank You!” to all my past and current clients for your repeat business, referrals and testimonials. I could not have done this without you, and I appreciate your trust and loyalty.

Happy New Year! We’re hiring!

This is a great job for someone who has left the work force to raise a family, a great option for anyone recently retired who isn’t ready to golf all day just yet, a fantastic opportunity for expats abroad or those who just moved with a spouse to another country, or a great way to supplement your own self employment income.

Emailing before cold calling? You’ve got it backwards.

I liken unsolicited “warm up” emails to spam. And worse than spam, which is just form-lettered out by technology, sales reps spend a lot of time composing these never-to-be-opened notes. Why? Lately, the reasoning sounds like this: “prospects are more likely to take your call if you’ve already tried to connect with them”. False. Prospects are more likely to open your emails if you’ve already called them. And more than once. The cold call is still the most effective way to begin a relationship with a prospect.

Collaboration vs. Competition

The most successful firms in our space right now (if you’re measuring success in dollars) are the ones that are supporting the success of the entire industry. They’re making us all better. We get to learn from their considerable experience while they market to new clients. It’s totally win-win.

Pay for Process, not Performance.

Our process is fully transparent to our clients at all times, and that’s really important because lead generation isn’t solely about the appointments secured at the time of the campaign. What you are paying for is the campaign process. Not campaign performance.

Dial for Dollars to make a Difference!

We all know what kind of money fifty dials can make for a client. Imagine if you could provide that sort of income to an organization that desperately needs support!

Does cold calling actually work?

80 hours (1 week of set up and 3 weeks of part time dialing) into their campaign and they are already in negotiations with two new prospects. The annual value of these two contracts combined is about CDN $100,000.00 The lifetime value is impossible to predict, but the revenue generated annually is recurring. Assuming they hold on to the clients for ten years, they just spent $4000.00 to generate $1,000,000.00.

Sell More Efficiently. Sell More