Tips and Tricks: Finding Contacts

In the same way that newspapers and magazines recommend you advertise in six consecutive issues in a row, leaving interesting messages when cold calling allows the prospect recognize your company – potentially keeping you top of mind; and if you’re leaving the right messages, anticipating your next call.

Writing Cold Calling Scripts that Work!

Let’s say the answer puts our prospect in the land of “everything is perfect, nothing could be better, we’re making money hand over fist here, thanks for calling”. That’s pretty rare, and they obviously don’t need your help. But wait, you say. Our product will revolutionize the way they do business! And maybe it will. So how do you turn the conversation your way? You compare their situation to a client win.

Are you asking why? Are you asking why not?

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Fantastic Toronto Networking Event!

My friend an colleague Michel Neray of The Essential Message is hosting a not-to-be-missed networking event in Toronto on September 30, 2010. In this mini-workshop and networking event, you’ll discover […]

Choosing the Right Target

Calling the president or the CEO is a wasted phone call – and probably seven or ten or fifteen wasted phone calls. You can use those fifteen phone calls to map the target company and begin building rapport with the people who are going to benefit from and use your service and champion the purchase. I think five requests going up work far better than a bump down.

On Vacation!

I’m on vacation until September 6, 2010. I will have limited access to email and limited access to voice mail

Summer is no time to relax!

Without those first conversations, you’re not going to get that closed deal, so why not look hard at your summer dial volume? Push your numbers up higher instead of relaxing them. If you’re in a volume industry, think about adding 20 more calls a day to your work day this summer, and watch how it pays off next quarter!

Reframing ‘Telemarketing’ as a Career Choice

How did telemarketing get such a bad rap? I’ve got something to sell, you’ve got money to spend — the movie practically writes itself.  So why don’t more people choose […]

All Hail the Gatekeeper!

I work casually as a building attendant for a personal care home.  I do it because they paid for my education, but that’s neither here nor there.  One of my […]

Musings on Overcoming Call Reluctance

First of all, I can teach anyone how to cold call effectively.  That’s not difficult.  The difficult part is teaching someone how to enjoy cold calling! Let’s face it.  Telemarketing […]

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