Lead Generation is a robust sales support solution including, but not limited to, the following steps:

1. Defining and selecting appropriate targets.
2. Selecting, configuring CRM database. Training as required.
3. Sourcing initial prospect list (companies, contacts, phone numbers, email addresses)
4. Campaign development – process and scripting.
5. Outbound cold call (or warm, or hot) lead generation.
6. Inbound lead nurturing.
7. Collateral send-out, email follow up, inbound email lead nurturing.
8. Lead nurturing, relationship building.
9. Qualifying and scheduling sales appointments.
10. Reporting, analytics.

Who does it work for?

Lead Generation is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to spend their time servicing clients. We look for new clients, you handle your current clients.

Lead Generation is ideal for large organizations where sales executives need to be closing, cross selling,up-selling, building and maintaining relationships. We make the cold calls, they make the sales calls.

Lead Generation is recommended for any company that sells a product or service that has a medium to very long sales cycle and a moderate to very high price point. Ideally, your target market should include at least 500 prospects. Shorter campaigns are possible.

What kind of commitment is required?

Lead Generation campaigns require a minimum 8 week commitment, after which time you may book campaign time in 4 week cycles. No long term contracts. All lead generation campaigns are retainer based, and priced by the hour. Your minimum hourly commitment is 10 hours per week.

How much does it cost?

The cost of campaigns varies by target and complexity. For example, a campaign targeting CEOs at Fortune 500 companies will be more expensive than a campaign targeting Managers at retail outlets.

There is no charge for campaign development, with the possible exception of training costs for campaigns with very stringent parameters or extremely technical products or services.

There can be additional but non-mandatory costs associated with campaigns, including CRM user licences, voice mail extensions and other web-based services that we use upon client request. These services are purchased and owned by our clients, we access them only for as long as the campaign is running.

When can you start?

Most campaigns require 7-14 days of lead time. Larger campaigns requiring several callers may take up to 21 days to launch. Complex campaigns requiring product knowledge training may also have a longer lead time.

If you would like to begin planning a campaign, be aware that while ColdCalls can handle an unlimited number of campaigns, we can only on-board so many clients at one time. September and January campaign launches are very popular, and clients desiring those start dates must fully retain their campaigns well in advance.

We do not start calling for new campaigns in December, July or August. All calling is suspended from approximately December 15 to January 7 annually. Calling is also suspended in August, unless otherwise negotiated during campaign planning.