We love to cold call.

We understand the difference between hunters and farmers, and know that consulting and building relationships keeps clients.  But first you have to find them.   If you don’t need new business – congratulations!  If you do,  it’s time to look at your sales process.

How much more revenue could you drive if more of your time was spent meeting with prospects who were qualified?

Imagine – no more cold calling, no more phone-tag, no emails back and forth!

We fill your sales pipeline, you close your sales! It’s our specialty.

Sales appointment setting takes the majority of the legwork out of your sales process.  Our team acts as a seamless extension of your sales force.  We cold call into the companies you want to reach, identify decision makers, and qualify them based on your parameters, plus important qualifiers like budgets and implementation timelines.  We send out collateral via email to warm leads, and follow up regularly to ensure that your company is always Top of Mind.   As soon as a ’suspect’ becomes a ‘prospect’, we schedule a face to face (or web, or phone) meeting for you or your outside sales team.  You and your team take it from there and complete the sales cycle!

Call us to see how it can work for you. 1-844-466-2624

We can have a full time or part time outbound campaign up and running in under ten days.