If you depend on relationships with distributors, vendors, retailers, consultants, systems integrators, technology deployment consultancies, value-added resellers or other organizations to build your sales channel, we can help.

Our primary focus is helping companies sell more. We offer our services to hundreds of companies in the technology channel every day. Through the course of building our relationships with those companies, we are able to make connections and suggestions that will help them improve their perceived and actual value to their clients – your end users.

Pay for Connections, Pay for Performance

We introduce you to our clients and prospects as we identify potential fits and opportunities. Then, as we help our clients sell more, we promote your services directly to the end user – with the permission of our client. Our clients receive a discounted lead generation campaign in exchange for promoting your services. We are able to generate more sales meetings for our clients when they offer more robust and compelling solutions. You reap the benefits of a third party sales team that you pay only for success.

Introduce Us to Your Current Partners!

When they sell more, you sell more. We can develop and manage campaigns for your current channel partners. Offer our services as a value-add to new partners to kick start their relationship with you. We will provide you with a competitive rate that you can offer as yet another feature to choose you to partner with. White label; or just make the introduction. Sponsored lead generation is an excellent way to prove to new and existing partners that you are invested in their ongoing success.

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